Freedom from the Legacy: The Five Top Benefits of Cloud-Based Unified Communications

Large companies with premises-based telephony infrastructures are feeling pain these days. Many are concerned with how best to integrate telephony and collaboration across numbers of locations, often incorporating countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia/Pac. Premises-based systems in such a scenario bring high maintenance and support costs.

Collaboration becomes fragmented between multiple platforms. With rising global expansion, many communication systems are unable to keep pace.
It is time to consider Cloud-Based Unified Communications. Providers are no longer investing R&D in enhancements and upgrades to legacy premises-based solutions (see recent news re: Avaya and Mitel turning their cloud based migrations over to RingCentral). Here is the worst news: the legacy providers are not likely to be supporting them for much longer. As that happens, premise-based system companies will not only be attempting to keep these outdated systems working, but the manufacturers themselves will not be there to help. Premise-Based systems require a qualified IT staff as well as a significant service contract, brining even more cost.

Look at what is happening in the modern world. Your employees are no longer tethered to a single phone or computer. Your competitors and the professional world, in general, are establishing the freedom to do business anytime, anywhere with a variety of connected devices and a cloud connection. Mobile work and work from home are further driving innovation and flexible models in this area.

    1. Freedom from Legacy System Buying and Building
      The solution is Cloud Based Unified Communications. This is a platform in which all your locations, worldwide, will have direct communication with each other, without your firm having to buy, build, manage, maintain, patch, and upgrade legacy infrastructure. They scale rapidly. When incorporating the costs for supporting, upgrading, and maintaining a legacy premises-based solution, cloud-based unified communication systems also provide an attractive total cost of ownership profile for replacement.Unified Communications divorces you from legacy system headaches, failures, and costs. Your new Unified Communications system creates game-changing, dramatic, and immediate ROI realization.
    2. Significantly Lower Costs
      Unified Communications allows your enterprise to standardize on a single platform which saves licensing costs while narrowing the number of user applications.
    3. Team Integration on One Stream-Lined Interface
      The right UC platform incorporates everything your employees need to work in an integrated fashion, connect, share, and collaborate in the same streamlined interface. The leading providers also offer pre-built integrations to commonly used applications such as TEAMS, Salesforce, SeviceNOW and many more.
    4. Ease-of-Use Audio Video Platform Support
      Unified Communications supports collaboration including audio, video and web conferencing. This platform can include features such as voice/video calling, all-hands meetings, work team collaboration channels, and integrated chat applications.
    5. A Provider That Can Bring You the Perfect Fit UC Solution
      Assessing the myriad of providers to arrive at a data driven decision for your best fit UC solution can be intimidating and time consuming. With Savvy Technologies on your side, we can make this process seamless. We are vendor-agnostic, and that streamlines the methodology to perfect the exact right fit solution for you. The Savvy assessment system has the process, the analysis methodology, the knowledge and clout to bring your Unified Communications Platform into reality and create your new future.Freedom from your legacy system’s restrictions and aging technology, lower total cost of ownership, stellar collaboration through your entire infrastructure, high user satisfaction, and utilizing the most current communication systems with completely flexible future scalability: We make this all work for you.

    Savvy Technologies provides game-changing technology solutions that transform the way a business performs and operates into the future. Through big picture thinking and a relentless attention to detail, Savvy manages each step of the vendor selection process to ensure the best fit and highest value solution is selected and implemented. When you win, we win!

    (For more on how a Unified Communication system and its components are evaluated—check out our next blog!)