Your Secret Weapon

Our focus is working with companies that are moving towards a cloud-forward or “cloud smart” strategy. We help navigate that transition, pulling technology decisions out of their silos and into the bigger picture of your firms’ overall direction.

No internal IT team can keep up with the constant changes in the marketplace. Savvy Technologies does that for you. Not only do we find tailor-made solutions that satisfy your unique requirements today, we also look around the corner and prepare you for what’s coming.

Savvy Technologies represents all of the major providers, so we can offer objective and honest feedback about each one’s strengths and challenges. Our due diligence tools and ROI/TCO calculators document our research and build internal support for your project.

You have a choice. You and your team can try to navigate the complex and ever-expanding landscape of providers. Or you can have a vendor-neutral specialist streamline the process and represent your best interests as a vital part of your team.

The Savvy Difference

Making transformative IT projects faster and easier for you.

Strategic Approach

We start with the business conversation, and then match you with the technology to meet your business goals.

Technical Expertise

The IT landscape is constantly changing. To augment our years of experience we devote hours each week to learning even more.

Market Savvy

We’ve decoded solution providers in our key expertise areas. We understand exactly what each can and cannot do, and know where their prices should be.

Expert Resources

Our consultants and pre-sales engineers will handle the front-end, and then our project managers will manage the project for you.

Responsive Advocate

Sticklers. Demanding. Perfectionists. We wear these labels as a badge of honor on your behalf. If the carrier says they’ll deliver something or fix something, we won’t let it go until they do.

Ongoing Resource

Our goal is to continue to advise you over the long term, building a knowledge base of your needs that allows us to add value for years to come. When you need us, we’re there.

It All Starts with a Conversation