Large Event/Global Webcasting for a Global Financial Services Firm

Challenge: A global financial services brand needed a highly effective large event global webcasting and conferencing solution

Savvy Strategy:

  • Conducted a thorough identification of all business, technical, security and compliance needs and requirements.
  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive request of information.
  • Analyzed vendors and determined ideal candidates.
  • Negotiated the complex contracts, managed the vendors, and facilitated service delivery and compliance across the US, Europe, and Asia/Pacific.

Result: The client fully realized their webcasting and content delivery needs with a solution that produced the highest participant engagement and user satisfaction of any event solution they had utilized previously.

Financial: Cost neutral project

Unified Communications for a Global Medical Device Provider

Challenge: A global provider of medical devices needed a solid unified communications system supporting 2000+ potential users to be evaluated and implemented while their resources were also focused on a state-of-the-art call center.

Savvy Strategy:

  • Analyzed and prioritized all business, technical, security and compliance needs and requirements.
  • Developed and implemented a targeted request of information to specialized vendors, analyzed their responses and selected the ideal candidate.
  • Negotiated the complex contracts including pricing, managed the vendor, and facilitated service delivery across the US, Europe and Asia/Pacific.

Result: The client reported that their unified communications implementation was flawless, and the process was so frictionless that there was no interference in the call center development which was implemented concurrently.

Financial: The total cost of ownership of the cutting edge UC solution delivered $200,000 in annual savings to the bottom line.

Expense Reduction and Management for a US Environmental Services Firm

Challenge: A US Environmental Services firm needed to reduce their monthly technology budget without sacrificing services or protection.

Savvy Strategy:

  • Determined and identified requirements.
  • Created a thorough vendor comparison matrix and gathered information on abilities, compliance, effectiveness, and cost.
  • Managed the vendors.
  • Implemented service delivery and billing.

Result: Client is able to view, track, and analyze all network & mobility billing in a single portal. Invoices are automatically analyzed and billing tickets opened to recoup costly errors.

Financial: The TEM provider identified and recouped $15,000 per month in savings, funding the entire initiative for years to come. They also analyzed prior billing and recovered one-time credits in excess of $450,000 for overbilling and duplicate billing.

Cloud Ready Wide Area Network for a Global Manufacturing Firm

Challenge: A global Manufacturing firm needed an agile, highly accessible and secure wide area network with high disaster recovery sustainability, in the most cost-effective solution possible.

Savvy Strategy:

  • Determined and identified requirements.
  • Created a thorough vendor comparison with varying infrastructure scenarios. The required solution would need to include multiprotocol label switching, decentralized information assets and point to point circuits within a software-defined wide area network.
  • Managed the vendors and developed the best-case solution which was for the client to acquire it as a managed service, paying monthly.

Result: The client received the high service levels they anticipated, becoming an evangelist for both Savvy and the selected managed service provider. The provider eliminated the need to manage upgrades, maintenance, patching and more, since those services and related costs were included in the client’s solution package.

Financial: Project was fully funded with cost savings from MPLS network.

Data Center Evaluation and Sourcing for an Insurance Company

Challenge: An insurance company had an in-house data center servicing over 700 employees in 12 domestic locations. They needed higher quality control in the center and needed to relocate it outside of their headquarters.

Savvy Strategy:

  • Worked with the client to scrutinize criteria and weighting. 
Gave the client a thorough analysis of local geography and the advantages of using a more diverse location with a more effective power grid and energy source.
  • Negotiated space with a Gartner Magic Quadrant-rated data center that provided superior service at the same cost that local providers offered.
    Renegotiated the client’s carrier services.

Result: Bandwidth costs were lowered significantly and their data was under the highest quality control in the industry.

Financial: The cost savings from the renegotiated carrier services offset the total cost of the datacenter.

Mobile Device Expense Management for a Global Sports Brand

Challenge: A global sports brand was fighting the escalating costs incurred by its team of 358 employees and their mobile devices.

Savvy Strategy:

  • Analyzed the existing plan and its costs with the mobile services provider.
  • Applied optimization usage standards, resulting in a reduction of costs on several fronts.
  • Provided the company with increased functionality as a result of significant cost savings.

Results: Improved communications and employee efficiency along with additional functionality.

Financial: The client realized a 30% savings in bill reduction and additional cost savings from employee efficiencies. The remaining net savings was $85,645 annually.

Unified Communications for a Women’s Specialty Retailer

Challenge: A larger retailer has over 500 locations with 2326 potential users in their network. The inability to communicate consistently, uniformly, and effectively with every “seat” was inhibiting business, having customer satisfaction and creating enormous cost.

Savvy Strategy:

  • Built out the requirements and developed a comparative analysis of viable solutions and their cost/benefits.
  • Analyzed the total cost of ownership being incurred by the existing services.
  • Facilitated meetings with qualified recruited vendors.
  • Evaluated proposals and answered all the client’s questions and concerns.

Results: Client realized top-level services and efficiencies.

Financial: Reduced costs by $5000 per month, resulting in annual savings of $60,000 while modernizing the legacy platform and improving customer experience.