Donna Kruse founded Savvy Technologies to help mid-enterprise firms navigate the digital transformation journey. Mixing big picture thinking with a relentless attention to detail, Savvy manages every step of the vendor assessment process, ensuring the best fit and highest value solutions for clients. More importantly, they bring a fresh perspective and deep technology expertise to every digital transformation project they undertake.

Central to Savvy Technologies is the commitment to providing a vendor agnostic approach that identifies a customized, client-specific solution that meets their goals. As a result of this data-driven perspective, clients receive the right technology solution that carries them into the future with a competitive edge. State-of-the-art on-demand tools for vendor comparison save time and headaches, quickly matching client requirements to best fit providers.

Savvy is more than a technology solutions expert. They are your partner every step of the way, fiercely advocating for your best interests as if they were their own.

When Savvy is at work, clients win.