We enhance your company’s IT strategy and solutions through a proven objective methodology.

Internal IT teams struggle to keep up with the constant changes in the technology landscape. At Savvy Technologies, we work with companies moving to a cloud-forward or “cloud smart” strategy. We help navigate that transition, pulling technology decisions out of their silos and to the bigger picture of your firms’ overall direction.

Savvy Technologies finds tailor-made solutions that satisfy your organization’s current requirements and prepare you for what’s coming. We represent all major technology solution providers and offer objective and honest feedback about each one’s strengths and challenges. Our due diligence tools and ROI/TCO calculators document our research and build internal support for your project.

You have a choice. You and your team can try to navigate the complex and ever-expanding landscape of providers. Or you can have a vendor-neutral specialist streamline the process and represent your best interests as a vital part of your team.

Objective Analysis

We remove the bias from the process, and rely on a data-driven approach, asking the tough questions. We remove vendor bias and cut through the vendor sales positioning to get to the facts. We will support the correct path forward, not the path of least resistance.

Industry Expertise

We are experts with a depth of knowledge in our critical solution stacks. Our approach includes proven tools for solution benchmarking, comparison, and TCO analysis.

Streamlined Process

Our proven process moves your transformative technology initiatives swiftly to the best solution for your organization. Our comparative tools are up to date and available at the touch of a button.

Whenever you talk to a vendor, they have a sales focus that bends their offer so that they downplay those areas where they were not a best match for the requirements and amplify those areas where they were. Savvy did not allow the vendors to gloss over those areas and provided a balanced view. By doing so, Savvy helped us avoid being blinded by the bright shiny stuff.”

Nate Englund

It All Starts with a Conversation